Best Washing Machine Repairmen Always Do Recommend!

Due to the high experience rate of maintenance specialists, many tend to ask for their counseling when considering purchasing a product in their field.

And it is indeed one of the best things to do when you intend to buy something you’ve got less knowledge in.

You’re fine to make choices independently if you have a fair knowledge of the product in question.

For the best washing machine, LG WM4000HWA and GE GFW850SPNRS are the two washing machines that are mostly recommended by repairmen. Their performance rate is top-notch and lasts longer than most of the acclaimed best washing machines in the market. You can trust these washing machines that your clothes will come out clean and nice.

The only difference between these two washing machine recommendations, mostly made by repairmen, is the cost.

The GE GFW850SPNRS is a bit more expensive than the LG WM4000HWA. So your repairman will likely choose one over the other based on your budget.

With these two washing machines, you’re assured of high efficiency and long-lasting washing machine.

Which will go a long way in helping you save money, as you wouldn’t have to repair or replace it in a long time.

Factors Repairmen Consider in Recommending the Best Washing Machine

There are so many factors washing machine repairmen consider in recommending a long-lasting and efficient washing machine for their clients.

There are over 20 factors, but I will summarize the numerous factors in this article into just four.

And these factors include;

  • Size and load capacity
  • Efficiency (Power and water consumption)
  • Body models and Usage settings
  • Cost

So let’s dive a bit into each of them to see the essence of each. And also get to know why repairmen consider them in recommending the best washing machine for their clients.

#1. Size and Load Capacity

Wherever the washing machine is placed or positioned in the house, be it the laundry room or any other room, the available space should be considered first before deciding on the size of the machine to purchase.

Sometimes the laundry room will have enough space to occupy the washing machine, but the question is, can it also go through the door? Not only should the laundry room door be considered, but also all other doors that the washing machine will be taken through to get its temporary or permanent position.

After considering the actual size of the washing machine, the tub size, which determines the load capacity, should also be considered.

Washing machines with large tubs will be best suitable for a large-sized family, to wash many pieces of stuff simultaneously.

It is never true that large-sized washing machines don’t function as well as small-sized ones.

So for the repairman to know the right washing machine to recommend for you, he or she should have a fair knowledge about where the machine will be placed. And the family size to make the recommendations for you.

#2. Efficiency (Power and Water Consumption)

After considering the size of the washing machine and having settled with it, the repairman’s next factor is its efficiency.

And in looking into the washing machine’s efficiency, two things are critical. And that’s the power consumption and water consumption.

These are factors that are not of much relevance to some people, but it’s always considered by repairmen in recommending the best washing machine.

And since the washing machine can’t be plugged in and observed for hours or days to know its power and energy efficiency, they just check for the Energy Star label.

These labels are from the US Department of Energy and can tell low-energy appliances.

The water consumption is also checked after the Energy and Power consumption have passed their checks.

And to save water for the client, repairmen always go for low-water consumption washing machines for their client.

#3. Body Models and Usage Settings

The body models and materials used in building washing machine varies. We know that some materials are much more durable than others.

Similarly, if these materials are used in the building of the washing machine, the chances of it lasting much longer are assured.

Stainless steel is best suitable for the body. One might wonder why stainless should be the recommended body part.

Since washing machines are always in contact with water and detergent, the chances of rust are very high.

And the only way of reducing the rusting chances is by using stainless steel material.

It should be used for the outer body, the inner part, the drum, and other relevant parts.

Though a washing machine made with stainless steel is much more expensive than other materials like plastic, that’s the best because of its durability.

#4. Cost

After all the aforementioned factors have been considered, the next factor to consider is the cost of the product, which is the washing machine. Some people might even consider ignoring this part.

And that’s because, after the product meets all the other factors, it’s a good signal that the washing machine is the best and should put resources into buying it.

As we normally say, ‘Every good thing comes with a price, so choosing stainless steel over plastic will come at a cost.

And that’s much better than spending less on the purchase of a washing machine and spending huge on its repairs months or a year after the purchase.

Why Should Repairmen Recommend a Washing Machine For You?

Before touching the subject itself, a repairman is a person who repairs products in his or her field.

So when we talk of a vehicle repairman, it means he or she repairs faulty vehicles. Same with washing machine, it means he or she repairs faulty washing machine.

And because of his experience with repairing and constant dealing with washing machines, he or she got much knowledge on what makes washing machines last longer or not.

He or she can test or tell if washing will last longer or not by just a touch or sight of the product. And that’s not magical but rather in-depth knowledge of the product and experience.

And also, what normally happens when the seller tends to give supply you with any nonfunctioning and faulty product if they get to know you’ve got little or no knowledge about the product?

So by seeing a repairman with you, they cooperate and serve you well with the best and needed products.

There’s another school of thought that says when you make a repairman recommend a product for you, he or she will tend to show you a faulty one so that you will bring it to him for repairs in no time.

That might be right, but that shows the person isn’t a professional repairman. A professional repairman who holds his or her job in high esteem will never be that wicked.

How Much Should You Tip a Repairman to Recommend a Washing Machine For You?

An amount ranging from $15 to $30 should be an appealing tip to a repairman for recommending a washing machine to you.

And that will be if he or she recommended the washing machine to you via phone call, email, or SMS.

But if he followed you over, the least he should be tipped is $30. With that, you need to consider his or her hourly rate.

And following you to the shop means the chances of him or her helping you pick the best washing machine is for sure.

And chances of you taking the washing machine for repairs anytime soon is very low. So why don’t you put it all in and reward that gentleman or lady? Lol.

If he or she comes with a rate, you go strictly by the rate you’ve been served. And even with that, you can choose to top it up with some small tip if he or she did something extra that wasn’t part of your initial agreement.

Where Do I Find a Washing Machine Repairman?

There are many means you can reach out to a washing machine repairman, but the question is, how well can he be trusted to deliver what’s expected of him?

Can you get someone to attest to his craft or give a review of his work? It’s not that safe getting someone in this state.

So the first trusted place to get a washing machine repairman is to ask trusted family members and friends.

Ask them if they’ve got any washing machine repairman who does work on their washing machine.

It could be your next-door neighbor, college friend, or anyone you can trust. Just ask someone who’s had an experience with any of them.

If you don’t land on one asking the trusted people around you, then you can turn to Craigslist. Visit Craigslist for your location.

Over there, on the left sidebar, you will find the search space. Just input what you’re searching for; that’s a washing machine repairman. You will find a tone on the list of individuals offering such a service.

Make contact with them, and if possible, schedule a date or make your proposal known to them.

How Well Should I Trust a Repairman’s Recommendation?

Trusting a repairman’s recommendation depends on how you got to know him.

If he or she were recommended to you by someone, it would be best to find out his or her capability and efficiency from the person.

Find out if he or she has ever recommended a washing machine to someone in the past. Ask about the experience and how the washing machine treated the person.

Ask about the process and how dealing with that repairman is. Try and clear all your possible doubts with the person.

If you have met the person on an online marketplace, try to check out the person’s review.

Read both the positive and negative reviews. And if possible, contact those who gave both positive and negative reviews.

I recommend you contact them because some positive reviews are bought, and the negative ones are out of jealousy and ignorance.

In most instances, you must have planned on positioning the washing machine at a place of your choice, but with the guidance of the repairman, you will be made to change the position.

That is to any other room with space to hold the washing machine and its operations, including the laundry room, washroom, or even the kitchen.


LG WM4000HWA and GE GFW850SPNRS are the two most recommended washing machines by repairmen.

And they always meet their expectations without any hindrances. You’re advised to ignore the price difference as it doesn’t make one seem better than the other.

Both are of different brands, that’s LG and GE, and they have their ways of pricing.

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