Are Washing Machines Supposed To Shake? (Explained)

In this era, nobody wants to go through the stress of handwashing, so people opt for a washing machine since it’s straightforward.

A washing machine is one of the essential appliances you need in your house. It plays a vital role in the house: to keep your clothes neat and save time.

However, due to how the machine works, you might wonder if it’s normal for washing machines to shake while using.

It’s normal for your washing machines in good condition to vibrate, especially during a spin cycle. However, when your machine begins to walk across the floor, and you start hearing it banging or loud vibration, there is something wrong with the machine.

In this article, I’ll take you through why your machine shakes violently and some possible solutions. 

Also, you will know some of the best washing machine brands that produce less vibration.

Is It Normal For Washing Machines To Shake While Running?

Are Washing Machines Supposed to Shake?

It’s normal for your washing machine to wiggle a little as the drum spins, mainly when the spin cycle operates at high speed

There are two significant classifications of washing machines: the front-load and the top-load washer. 

The front-load machine produces more vibration than a top-load washing machine because the machine’s high-efficiency models spin faster, conserving the energy for drying the clothes.

However, when your machine begins to shake excessively and starts moving the objects around. 

Or you start feeling your floor is about to collapse beneath your machine; that shaking is not normal.

Why Does My Washing Machine Shake Violently?

A lot of reasons can cause the violent shaking of your washing machine. A shaky machine is a common problem, so do not panic when you experience it at home. 

A shaky machine is when the front load of the machine vibrates aggressively during spinning. With some quick fixes, your machine will be in a good position.

Here are some reasons your washing machine shakes violently and some possible solutions:

Uneven Distribution of Weight 

When your washing machine is shaky, this might be because the weight in the machine drum needs to be even. 

So, the faster the machine spins, the fiercer it continually throws the load against the drum, causing your washer to shake violently. 

You might experience this when you are washing a large cloth item, such as a pillow, or bedspread, which can wrap around the load, forming a large ball.

Some washing machines can detect the load causing the machine to shake and stop spinning until you distribute the loads evenly

Nonetheless, some machines will force spin cycles, damaging your floor and the washer. 

Although you might not notice it at the top speed, you will notice the shaking when it slows down or starts operating at a faster spin speed.


Ensure you even out the load in the machine. Add another pillow or towel to complement the load when washing a pillow, and your spin will pick up its speed.

Unbalanced Washer

When your washing machine shakes violently every day, you should check if it’s even. If your washer is off balance, it will always be shaky, mainly when it starts to spin. 

To know if this is the cause of your shaky washer, you can check the spirit level. Also, you can tip the machine side to side with a bit of pressure.  The machine is uneven if you can sway it back and forth. 


You can place your machine in a flatter area of your house. But if you can’t move your washer, it’s best to place a sheet of plywood underneath the machine till it levels.

Failure To Remove Transit Bolt

Transit bolts keep the drum in place when transporting a washing machine. 

So when you forget to remove this bolt, it can affect your machine spins and even destroy the concrete slab that holds down the appliance.


When you face this problem, you must remove the bolt, and your washer is suitable for use. 

But if you need clarification about whether you have removed the bolt, check the back of your washer. 

The bolts are large, and they surround the area outside the drum. Before removing the bolts, check your manual and follow all the instructions.

Blocked Filter

The water filter traps anything from the cloth, preventing it from entering the water hose. So when this filter traps a coin or metal, your washer will shake violently.

The best solution for this problem is to clean the filter. Your filter is at the back of a small panel at the footing of your machine.

Open the panel, lose the shallow dish slowly, and drain the water. Then remove the filter and wash off the dirt. Ensure no dirt is in the reservoir before you fix the filter.

Faulty Part of the Machine

When your machine parts, such as the shock absorber, suspension rods, and pads, are defective, your appliance can start shaking aggressively.


When you feel something is wrong with your machine and don’t know how to go around it, it’s best to call a professional to fix it. 

Are Washing Machine Vibration Pads Effective?

Washing machine vibration pads, also known as anti-vibration pads, are made from rubber or foam placed under the washer

These pads are very effective since they reduce shaking by absorbing vibrations, extending the appliance’s life. 

They also provide an anti-slip base that prevents your washer from moving when vibrating. 

These pads are available in different sizes and materials so that you can choose the best suitable one for your machine

The vibration pad comes in either a four-piece foot pad or a mat that covers the washer floor region.

The two methods of installing the vibration pads are;

#1. Fixing the four legs of the pads

You don’t need to move your machine when fixing the four legs. You must follow the steps below:

  • Unplug the washer and empty it.
  • Tilt the machine at one end. Doing so will enable you to fix two pads to the opposite legs.
  • Then lift the other end to fix the last two pads. Then you are done fixing the four pads to the washer leg.

#2. Placing the anti-vibration mat

  • When placing a vibration sheet, you first need to move your washing machine from its location.
  • Then clean the spot and allow it to dry.
  • Place the vibration mat where you want it to be on a flat floor.
  • The sheet can be self-adhesive or non-adhesive. If it’s a self-adhesive mat, remove the back and stick it down. But if it is non-adhesive, you might need tape, velcro, or glue to hold the mat in place.
  • Ensure you place the sheet to contain the washer four feet.
  • You can now move the machine to its spot. Ensure the pad levels are not obstructing any machine vent holes.

Here are the advantages and disadvantages of washer vibration pads:

Advantages of Vibration PadsDisadvantages of Vibration Pads
It’s the best floor protector when using a washer.You have to replace the pads when they wear out.
They absorb vibration from your machine, thereby protecting it and reducing the noise.The pads can be costly.
Using the vibration pads has no adverse effect on your washer.The vibration pad can cause the washer to be less stable, making it vibrate more.

Which Washing Machine Brands Produce the Least Vibration?

There are various brands of washing machines. But the machine brands that produce the least vibration are;

#1. Whirlpool Supreme Washing Machine 

The features include;

  • The tub power of the front-loading appliance comes with a 22-pound.
  • Noise levels are less than 48 and 68 decibels during the wash and spin cycles, respectively.
  • 18 major programmed settings.

#2. Bosch Serie 8 Smart Machine

The features include;

  • The tub capacity for the front-loading machine is 20 pounds.
  • 48 and 73-decibel wash cycles and spin cycles, respectively.
  • App connectivity.

#3. LG Washing Machine with Thinq Technology

The features include;

  • Moderately quiet when running 1300 rpm spin cycles.
  • The tub capacity of the front load is over 20 pounds. 
  • It uses wifi

#4. Frigidaire Top-load Washer

The features include;

  • The tub capacity of the top-loading machine is 18 pounds.
  • A Top spin speed of 680 rpm
  • 12 washer cycles and four temperatures 

#5. Samsung Series 5 Washing Machine

The features include;

  • 53 and 72-decibel wash and spin cycles, respectively
  • The spin speed is 1400 rpm.

#6. Comfee Capacity Washing Machine

The features include;

  • The tub capacity of the top-loading washer is about 11 pounds
  • The noise level is 62 decibels and a top speed of 840 rpm.
  • It has six wash cycles, three temperatures, and three water levels.

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