Are Washing Machine Extended Warranties Worth It? (All You Need to Know)

Many tend to find the word ‘Warranty’ as complicated and a sort of fiction, as they don’t get to enjoy what they hear when signing up for them.

And that’s all because we don’t take time to know the depth of the contract they sign.

One can sign many warranties to protect themselves or the things around them.

You’re not here by mistake; you’re probably getting calls to buy an extended warranty for a washing machine you bought, right? Or you’ve seen or heard the issue of the washing machine warranty been discussed?

So the big question is, are washing machine warranties worth it? Are they worth the amount spent on them?

It normally depends on many factors as to whether to buy an extended warranty for your washing machine or not.

But it will be much better if you’re to look at buying a home warranty rather, to save cost and many other things.

Does a home warranty sound new to you? Or do you happen to have heard of it but not given it much attention?

Just relax, as this article will take you through it all and all you need to know about a washing machine extended warranty.

The washing machine warranty is classified under appliance since it is an appliance. Hence, any appliance can be signed under this appliance warranty.

And what it does is, help protect you in the event of an unexpected breakdown of your appliance.

What is a Warranty, and What Are the Types of Warranty?

Warranty, in general, is an assurance given to a buyer of a product by the manufacturer of the product or an individual company to repair or replace the purchased product if the need arises within a speculated time.

Warranties are mostly in writing that you present when you need the promised service from the manufacturer or individual company. Warranty is a complex and wide topic and, as such, has numerous types.

There are quite a several warranty types in almost every field, ranging from cars, construction, insurance, appliances, and many others. But in this context, let’s narrow ourselves to just three types of warranties. These are;

  • Manufacturer Warranty
  • Appliance Warranty
  • Home Warranty

But by the time we are done looking at all these, we will be much certain if washing machine extended warranties are worth it or not.

Manufacturer Warranty

A manufacturer warranty is an assurance given solely by the manufacturers or producers of the product in question that if there’s any mechanical breakdown in the product, which was caused by defects in the manufacturing process within a period, it will take responsibility for its repairs or replace it if the need be.

Appliance manufacturers mostly give a warranty of up to a year after purchase. Manufacturer warranties don’t cover accidental and any other damages; hence, when you send the appliance to them, it’s inspected.

They inspect it to be sure it’s a defect caused by them during the manufacturing process. After being certain of that, they try to repair it for you. If that also proves futile, then a replacement is given to you at no cost.

There’s no special cost for manufacturer warranties, as they are always included in the cost of the product.

So once you purchase the product, you’ve automatically purchased its warranty.

The appliances’ manual always covers instructions governing the manufacturer’s warranty.

That’s why you’re always to keep your manual and not dispose of them right after unboxing the product.

Appliance Warranty

Appliance warranties are what are sometimes referred to as extended warranties. This warranty also covers the repair or replacement of the said appliance in a speculated time.

You can only purchase an appliance warranty before your manufacturer’s warranty expires.

So what it does generally extends the manufacturer’s warranty, but the manufacturer wouldn’t be in charge of the warranty this time.

And with an appliance warranty, you always don’t have the repair or replacement cost paid fully for you.

Sometimes, you’ll have to pay part of the cost of repair or replacement. And all that is captured in their contract.

Just like the manufacturer’s warranty, the extended warranty doesn’t also cover accidental damages.

There are many things you’ll notice the warranty doesn’t cover per the appliance you’re signing the contract for.

And that’s where most people get it wrong with these extended warranty policies. Users don’t get to familiarize themselves with their full policies, and when there’s a breakdown and they’re asked to cater for it themselves, it becomes an issue.

Home Warranty

As the manufacturer’s and extended warranty cover a specific appliance, the home warranty covers all major appliances and systems in your home at a much more affordable rate than having multiple extended warranties.

Like the manufacturers and extended warranty, the home warranty also covers the repairs or replacement of the major appliances in your home.

Another relevant reason that makes the home warranty much preferable to the others is that the manufacturers and extended warranty don’t cover damages resulting from wear and tear, but home warranties cover it all.

It’s much more flexible as it doesn’t restrict you to a specific plan. It allows you to choose between their available plans based on your needs.

And if you’d want even to add some minor appliances to your package, there’s an option to do that.

Are Washing Machine Extended Warranties Worth It?

You’ve now seen the range of warranties you can have for your washing machine.

So now that your manufacturer’s warranty is about to expire, will you extend it, or will you buy a home warranty?

And with that, your washing machine won’t be the only appliance to enjoy, but all other appliances.

I only find it reasonable to opt for the extended warranty when you want to protect just a single appliance.

Let’s say it’s just the washing machine you want a warranty for. But if you’ve got plans to buy a warranty for some other appliances, then it will be many benefits to you to sign up for the home warranty.

The ball is now in your court, and you have all you need to know about the available appliance warranties. All the best with your decision. Lol

Are Kitchen Appliances Warranty Worth It?

A warranty for your appliances is never a bad deal, as it saves you a lot of money and time.

Buying a warranty helps protect them from any unexpected breakdown and catastrophic events.

Another factor that makes things they wouldn’t need a warranty for their kitchen appliances is they think they wouldn’t need it.

This warranty is just like insurance, and you just don’t know when you will need them. ‘Had I known there is a statement I find heartbreaking?

So to avoid making such utterances, just buy it, and you will never regret doing so.

Looking at the high rate of appliance problems, it will be a loss on your side not to buy a warranty for your kitchen appliances.

What is the Cost of a Home Warranty?

There’s no specific cost for a home warranty as just a single company does not practice it.

And aside from the different number of companies offering this service, many other factors determine the cost of your home warranty.

Let’s brief ourselves on some of the things that affect the cost of a home warranty.

  1. Geo-location of the user
  2. The company you purchased the warranty from
  3. The preferred level of coverage
  4. Payment schedule
  5. Service fee

Geo-location of the user

With geo-location, as we already know, the cost of living differs per geographical location.

So the company considers all these, as the maintenance fee will differ from one area to the other.

The company you purchased the warranty from

As a means of marketing, some companies have lowered their pricing just to attract more customers.

Also, when companies start, they normally try to build up the portfolio before normalizing their rate to the standard.

The preferred level of coverage

As stated earlier, you can choose even to add some minor appliances. And even with the major appliances, you might even choose to take some out.

They sometimes have policies that cover appliances of all ages, and including such appliances will incur more costs.

Payment schedule

Opting to pay the whole annual cost at once will attract some discount. And monthly payment goes with the normal cost.

Service fee

This is a fee charged for the various services they provide. And these also vary per company, which is normally based on the company’s portfolio.


If you are only buying the warranty for the washing machine, then it’s in a way worth the cost.

But if you have plans on buying an extended warranty for some other appliances you’ve got in your home, then it wouldn’t be worth it.

For that, I will recommend a home warranty, as with that, you get to protect all the major appliances in your home with just a single warranty at an affordable cost.

The cost of a home warranty depends on factors, including the company you’re buying from, your geographical location, and many others.

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