Are Lowe’s Appliances Lower Quality? (All You Need To Know)

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Ideally, no one wants to get a low-quality product or appliance in exchange for their money. 

Lowes appliances, in some instances, may spring up for debate as a way to question their quality and if they are worth the hype.

But, as expected, consumers will continue to ask questions even after they have made a purchase.

So, are Lowe’s appliances of lower quality? 

Of course, most Lowes appliances are low-quality appliances. However, this is no surprise because Lowes prioritizes selling below-par products, and private brands with no rating even go as far as limiting high-end brands from their collection, such as Bosch and Whirlpool. Lowes also prefers to hire inexperienced individuals to work for them.  

In this article, our team has carefully put together the quality rating for all Lowe’s appliances and their individual qualities after doing in-depth research, and I have outlined them below. 

By the end, you’ll surely get a complete understanding of the quality of products and appliances Lowes has.                

What Are The Appliances You Should Never Buy At Lowes?

Are Lowe's Appliances Lower Quality?

Aside from the poor service delivery and substandard product Lowes distributes, they also have some appliances you should never buy with them, especially kitchen appliances.

Still, it is easy to find smaller appliances like the kitchen stove in different sizes at Lowes appliances.

Unfortunately, bigger home appliances such as microwaves, refrigerators, or dishwashers may not be available in different sizes, or at least models.

On the other hand, when you purchase big equipment from Lowes, they lack the appliance’s connection kit, mainly consisting of all the electrical outlets and cords.

You may be required to purchase a connection cord which often comes at an additional cost, especially for kitchen appliances like dishwashers, microwaves, and refrigerators.

Additionally, Lowes offers free delivery and installation services for customers. 

The downside is that it is available to customers close to the Lowes store where they purchased the appliance.

Home Appliances You Should Never Buy At Lowes

The primary reason some appliances get recommended as appliances that Lowes should not sell is due to years of repeated disappointment and customer reviews.

For instance, most kitchen appliances sold are below-par brands, and the main reason is poor retailer and buyer relationships with all their suppliers.

Another reason is the pricing for high-quality products, and lastly, Lowes always needs to catch up on the compulsion of a target market audience.

Below are a few of the appliances you should never buy at Lowe’s 

Air Fryers

Lowes air fryers are often out of stock and absent or unavailable in many high-end models.

However, it is sad that these air fryers Lowes display online are primarily for business purposes and does not necessarily suggest that they have them in stock.

This means that the stock is slim and less big than they make it seem online. 

Blenders And Mixers

Unlike other brands that have made it an obligation to sell every one of their products without bending the consumer choice, Lowes has never considered that.

Lowes, on the other hand, prefers to sell blenders or mixers which are not competing brands. 

However, even though the blenders are not subpar, they may be difficult for customers to buy since they have no rating.

Small Appliances Like Toasters And Kettles

For small appliances, Lowes prefers to sell only private brands. Even though high-end products, the unavailability of other brands, sizes, or models often pose a challenge for customers.

Additionally, Lowe’s does stock so many small kitchen appliances.

A customer could access more than 20 Lowes stores without finding any small appliances or at least a competing appliance without first finding a private brand in bulk stock. 

Beverages And Wine Chillers

Lowe’s does not offer products such as a beverage and wine chiller very often.

If you find a Lowes store within a particular state, none would have a wine chiller available, and even if they do, they would either be a private product or not rated by Wirecutter Reviews.

However, even the Lowes wine chillers rated on Amazon range from 2.8 to 4.7 stars.

So, here is the catch in all of this, if you prefer more private brands to competing brands, you may be about to become a regular customer at Lowes.

What Is The Best Place To Buy Major Appliances?           

Most major home appliances are like an investment. Homeowners purchase them with the mindset that these appliances would last a few years.

However, when not carefully selected, buying a major appliance from an untrusted distributor is a major red flag.

To help you get the best out of your money’s value, I will outline a few high-end brands here and the appliances they sell to enable you to make a wise choice. 

Here is a list of the best places to buy major appliances. The list covers the top 10 best places to purchase your appliances in three categories- affordability, discounts, and deals. 


For some years, Amazon has been the standard for most major appliances regarding quality, discounts, and having a broad market to buy any brand of a customer’s choice appliance.

If you are concerned about how Amazon stands out as one of the best, I will outline a few areas.

  • Amazon sells all kinds of appliances that vary in size, models, and functions
  • Offers free delivery to all their prime subscribers
  • Offers mouth-watering deals on special occasions such as black Fridays, prime day deals, and even daily deals
  • Amazon has an outstanding consumer review and rating of at least 4.5 to 5 stars
  • Amazon offers free shipping to its customers when they order goods worth $25 and more
  • Amazon prime members enjoy free delivery when they purchase some major appliances like microwaves. 

Even though purchasing your home appliances on Amazon is convenient, you should always consider using other sites to purchase major appliances, and here is why. 

Purchasing your home appliance on amazon could be an advantage most times. However, some major disadvantages still spring up when you buy on Amazon. 

Below is a table that highlights the pros and cons.

Offers impressive discounts and dealsRequires proofreading of a print before purchase
Offers free delivery to prime membersThere are no refunds
Sells high-end appliances in varying sizes and modelsAppliances purchased through amazon lose their warranty
Amazon rates at least 4.5 to 5 starsPrices are inconsistent and change from time to time.

Best Buy

  • Offers a wide variety of brands for your choosing
  • Easy to shop from home-online services available
  • Offers home consulting services before you buy an appliance 

AJ Madison

  • Offers her customers free in-state delivery
  • Offers free installation for small appliances and an extra cost for large appliances and has a vast market that sells a variety of products and major appliances 

Appliance Connection

  • Free delivery for purchases made from $99 and above
  • Lots of closeout deals available

Home Depot

  • Wide savings range on appliances and reduced cost for repair and installation
  • Offer free delivery on products
  • Availability of a broader range of products and appliances

What Do Customers Say About Lowes Appliances?          

Lowe’s customer services have always had bad reviews and reports.

As a result, most customers consider purchasing an appliance from Lowes as useless and full of troubles.

Sadly this negative feedback keeps growing because every day, tons of comments get dropped by consumers on Lowes’s poor services, delivery, and bad appliances.

However, some customers have admitted that Lowes appliances have one of the best consumer support services, delivery guides, and general appliance efficiency. 

Nevertheless, Lowes ranks only a star on most customer service review websites, including their official site.

For some other customers, Lowes appliances are pretty efficient; their issue only arises when the appliance develops a fault and needs replacement or repair.

Customers also agreed that Lowes has always ignored her customers, even after a series of emails and calls. 

Some customers consider Lowes services to be a bunch of lies to cadjoule customers to buy from them and, therefore, always come off as lies and incompetency. 

Even their workers complain of bad treatment and an unhealthy work environment. 

Lowes is known for employing immature and inexperienced staff who often turn off, creating bad customer service and image for the company. 

Unfortunately, the company has gone ahead to be associated with poor and substandard appliances over the years. 

Unless something gets done, customers will continue to see Lowes as a poor brand with high customer dissatisfaction.

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