8 Reasons Your Apple TV Keeps Disconnecting From AirPlay!

Streaming your favorite movies, TV shows, and music from a device to your Apple TV via Airplay is enjoyable. The reason is that AirPlay won’t limit you to your device’s screen.

You’ll be able to view content on a larger screen with friends and family and stream from third-party apps.

However, you can only enjoy these if your Apple TV connects to your AirPlay properly. So, what may be the cause when it disconnects?

If your Apple TV keeps disconnecting from AirPlay, check your internet connection first. Find out if your Apple TV connects properly to another Apple device (Mac or iPhone). Having done that, consider resetting your router for a better Network flow by disconnecting it from the power source. After about 60 seconds, plug it back and see the result.

In this article, you’ll get reasons and solutions for the disconnection between Apple TV and AirPlay. 

Also, I’ll be taking you through some issues that arise while using the Apple TV and AirPlay. So, let’s get started. 

#1. Your Device Might not support AirPlay.

8 Reasons Why Apple TV Keeps Disconnecting from AirPlay with Solutions

The truth is not all IOS devices support AirPlay, and yours might be among them. So, check your device to know if it’s compatible. 

For instance, for your iPhone to stream video using AirPlay, it has to be iOS 12 or above. While for audio, it must be iOS 11.4 or above

To see a full list of all Apple devices that support AirPlay, visit apple support. If you’re using a Mac, check the system preference.

#2. Your Mac’s Firewall Might be on.

The firewall function safeguards the computer from connections that it finds unsafe.

So if your Mac’s Firewall is on, it will be impossible to secure a connection for your AirPlay. The only solution to this problem is to disable the Mac’s Firewall.

Here’s how to do it.

  • Go to “Macs system preference.”
  • Select “Security & Privacy”
  • Go through the firewall option 
  • Disable “Block all incoming connections.”
  • Enable “Automatically allow signed software to receive incoming connections.”

#3. The Devices are too Far from Each other. 

Sometimes, when the distance between the IOS device and the Apple TV is too far, the AirPlay will keep disconnecting. 

Apple recommends that devices be within Bluetooth range (10 meters or 30 feet) for a strong connection.

Additionally, other nearby devices might interfere with the connection. Hence, bring the two devices close to each other.

#4. Bluetooth and WiFi Might be on Standby.

To successfully use AirPlay, you’ll need to enable WiFi and Bluetooth. However, after a system upgrade, one or both features might switch to standby mode.

Hence if your AirPlay disconnects from the Apple TV, it could be from Bluetooth or WiFi.

#5. You Might Have Multiple Connected Devices.

Since you need an internet connection to work with AirPlay, you might decide to use a router. Ensure it’s a good one.

But if you’re more than one using the same internet connection, it might cause the internet flow to be slow. Therefore, cut off other devices that connect to the router. 

#6. Resolution-Related Issues.

If there’s one thing Apple brags about, it’s its quality. Hence if your internet connection is weak for high-resolution videos, AirPlay will find it hard to connect to Apple TV.

Fortunately, you can fix this issue by just reducing its resolution. You can reduce it to as low as 720p from 1080p–its default resolution.

#7. Your Software Might be outdated.

Sometimes, it could be that you’re using an old IOS on your TV, which isn’t compatible with AirPlay. So, consider upgrading it to the latest IOS version. Installing the latest operating system is a piece of cake.

Here are the steps to follow;

  • Open settings on Apple TV
  • Go to system > Software Updates. If there’s an available update, a message will pop up.
  • Select “Download and install” to begin downloading. 

#8. The App You’re Using Might not Support AirPlay.

If you’re streaming, but the app doesn’t support AirPlay, AirPlay will keep disconnecting from the Apple TV. 

If you don’t find the AirPlay option in the app, you won’t be able to stream with it. Plus, it won’t connect with the Apple TV.

Meanwhile, some apps support AirPlay, but they have no right to broadcast content on Apple TV. Those apps also won’t permit AirPlay to connect with the TV.

Why is Airplay not Working on My Apple TV?

Airplay might not work for many reasons, ranging from the internet network to compatibility.

It might have skipped your mind to turn on the Bluetooth and set it up properly.

Meanwhile, let’s dig into some reasons behind your AirPlay’s refusal to work on the Apple TV and the way out.

#1. Your Phone Might be in Airplane Mode.

Activating the airplane mode will turn off all wireless connections except Bluetooth.

Meanwhile, AirPlay needs both Bluetooth and WiFi, so leave airplane mode.

Go to the iPhone or iPad’s control center by swiping down from the top-right corner. Then click on the airplane icon to turn it off.

#2. Your Device Might be Asleep.

Your device must be left on and unlocked to use AirPlay. Also, the TVs mustn’t be sleeping, so you should always use the remote to wake it.

#3. Not Using the Same WiFi Network.

Both devices must be connected to the same WiFi network for AirPlay to work on your Apple TV.

To know the network you use, go to settings, then WiFi, and you’ll see the network name.

To check it on Apple TV, go to settings, then the network menu. If you use an Ethernet connection, ensure you connect both devices. 4

However, the fault could be from the WiFi router, but you can reboot it before you consider resetting it.

You can reboot the router by using the button on it. Provided it has no button, disconnect it from the power source and connect it again. 

Another way to reboot is by visiting the settings page of your router. Here’s a table comparing the steps of rebooting two different routers. 

Rebooting an Advanced DrayTek RouterRebooting a Basic iBall Router
Open a web browser on your computerLaunch a web browser on your computer and type your router’s IP address.
Input the IP address of the router to gain access to its settings.Enter the router’s login details.
Enter the login details.After logging in, click maintenance at the top
Click system maintenance.Select “Restart” on the left.
Select “reboot system.”Click “Restart the router” on the right.
Choose the “using current configuration from the reboot system” selection.
Click “Reboot now.”


#1. Why Does My Apple TV AirPlay Keep Shutting off?

Such issues arise due to an unstable internet connection. Therefore, you can fix the issue by connecting the two devices to a stable internet network. 

#2. Why Does My Apple TV AirPlay Keep Pausing?

Multiple users of the same internet source slow down the internet flow rate. Consequently, AirPlay will pause and take a while before it resumes action. 

#3. Why is My Apple TV AirPlay not Displaying Full-screen?

The reason behind this is your TV’s underscan value. So, you should adjust its underscan value to your satisfaction. 

#4. Why won’t My Apple TV AirPlay Videos?

If your Apple TV refuses to Airplay a video, check the settings to be sure that you’ve turned on the AirPlay. Check the internet connection to see if it’s on, but there are still no changes.

Final Thoughts

Your Apple TV will keep disconnecting from AirPlay if it has an unstable internet connection.

And sometimes, it could be issues related to the device not supporting AirPlay.

Hence when you experience such an issue, try resetting or rebooting the router or upgrading to the latest IOS version. Doing this will get your AirPlay running again.

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